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Welcome to Space FM

It’s launched! A solar eclipse animation in flash made in 2005 developed into a full blown multimedia resource covering every part of the specification of GCSE astronomy which has since changed twice. The site has also changed to reflect the new content and is being updated for the current one.

Hundreds of schools and thousands of students have used these resources over the years. 

The purpose of this reboot was to:

  • Open it up to people wanting to explore astronomy, not just in an academic framework
  • Update the source code to make it more accessible and mobile friendly.
  • Update the language a bit too make it less stuffy and pedantic.
  • Give it an even cooler logo.
  • Keep me out of trouble.

Anyway check out the about page where you can learn more about how clever I am. I’m also making an update page to keep track of changes more so I can understand what I’m doing.

I’m planning on doing more news and features articles very soon and there might be the occasional video which isn’t going to worry the producers of the sky at night (compulsory viewing) or the clever fellow from d-ream.

This used to be a paid for resource on cd-rom back in the day, then a paid for subscription and then in 2013 it became a free resource because I wanted everyone to benefit from it. I haven’t put ads on here so far. That might change but then I don’t want to annoy people with cookie notifications about me tracking their every move (I’ve really got better things to do).

Enjoy the site and clear skies,

Captain Frank T. Ward


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