Like most websites, this one also has a cookie policy.

To set your mind at rest I only use Google Analytics. This helps me...

  • Know if you came here from a search engine, typed the URL in directly or were redirected from
  • I also find out what browser and screen size device people use (Likely Chrome on a desktop or Safari on an iphone)
  • I can tell the most (Moon Phases) and least popular pages (this one)
  • I can tell how long people were on those pages for (68 seconds average)
  • How many people visited for the first time and how many were repeat visitors (lots and lots)
  • Importantly I can tell what errors happen because of mistakes in the code written by me the silly cute things you do. This never happens by the way.

So thank you for reading my cookies page, you are probably the only one so far so well done and clear skies.

On the left: A crater imaged on Mercury by the MESSENGER craft