Never look directly at the Sun with a telescope or binoculars. If you do then you will be permanently blinded.

Don't ever look directly at the Sun through a telescope unless you have the proper filters fitted by an experienced astronomer. If you do then you will be permanently blinded. The retina does not produce pain signals and you may have no idea that damage is taking place until later. DO NOT RISK IT.

Looking at the Sun with the naked eye will damage your eyes and they will deteriorate.

See the Sun Safety page for safe ways to project the image of the Sun.

Other ways to stay safe

  • Observing at night brings some practical difficulties, primarily because it is dark.
  • Be aware of objects around you, expecially with telescopes and tripods.
  • Bring a torch, preferably one with a red bulb or filter, to help you spot obstacles.
  • Wear sensible clothing.
  • Take special care before going to remote places to observe on your own. Observing with friends or family in familar environments is more fun.