Manned Missions

11.29 - Understand the advantages and disadvantages of direct observation via manned missions

The ability of humans to directly view and interact with the environment of space brings advantages and disadvantages.

  • Humans can cope with difficult conditions and carry out movements that no robot would be capable of.
  • A human does not need programming and can be flexible and intelligent enough to carry out different tasks.
  • Humans can adapt to problems and opportunities.
  • Resources such as air, water and food are needed for astronauts to survive.
  • If an unmanned probe is destroyed then a space organisation has lost money from equipment and expertise but if a manned spacecraft is destroyed then human lives have been lost.
  • It takes time and money to train astronauts.
  • When astronauts are in space for a long time they suffer from muscle fatigue and deterioration. They also can suffer from mineral problems in their bodies due to the lack of gravity there. Astronauts exercise in space to prevent this happening.



What problems would be encountered to humans during a long period in space?


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