Tuning Fork diagram

15.7 - Know how the different types of galaxies were placed by Hubble on his ‘Tuning Fork’ diagram

Edwin Hubble classified galaxies according to their shape. Ge produced a tuning fork diagram as he thought this demonstrated the evolution of elliptical galaxies into spirals. He also didn't think enough things were named after him in this section.

This theory is not considered an accurate correct way to describe the formation and evolution of galaxies but astronomers still use the diagram and his classification to judge what category a galaxy fits under.

Elliptical galaxies are classified from E0 (for spherical galaxies) to E7 (for very elongated).

Spirals are classified Sa, Sb, ScA means that the spirals extend from the nucleus outwards with a slight bend. C means the spirals are wrapped around the nucleus tighter.

Spiral Barred, or Barred Spiral depending what book you read, are classified likewise SBa, SBb and SBc.

Irregular galaxies are not part of the Hubble Classification.